Get Paid To Trade Forex with Real Money on one of our Live Trading Accounts



Pay $200

Go through our practice assessment $100,000 demo account we provide the login details!

Practice assessment is 30 days long, at the end of the 30 days we make our decision!

Goal = $100,000 in profit 15 days
Goal = $200,000 in 30 days
Goal =No more than $1000 lost a week

If you are accepted we set you up on one of our live hugosway accounts with $100,000 real money/real forex trading.


Single Payment (No monthly subscription) Whether you are new to trading or a veteran trader that wants to trade the Foreign Exchange Market without risking their own capital. If you have never traded Forex before we highly recommend taking our Forex Education Course  where you will get a USD$100,000 Practical Assessment included and an easy guide to passing the Practical Assessment. 




Prove you can trade by reaching our profit targets without breaking our rules of trading and we will give you access to our live trading accounts!

Once you have passed the Practical Assessment you will then be allocated one of our accounts to trade and start making up to 80% of your profits.

$200 for $100,000 if you pass our assessment with great forex trading and forex profits that we will all benefit from by working together! 


Account Selection and Pricing for the Assessment Stage

 This account will be a demo account trading with virtual money. Choose wisely as this account will be the same account you are funded with if you successfully pass the assessment. To pass the assessment you simply need to comply with our expectations and reach the specified Profit Target for the account size chosen. There is no time limit.

No Monthly Subscription 

 30 Days To Achieve The Profit Target 

Understand the basic rules

Drawdown Limits

Weekly Loss Limit

At the commencement of your Practical Assessment, the Weekly loss limit is set at:

  • $3,000 for the $100,000 account

The purpose of the Weekly Loss Limit is to protect last week’s profits. The Weekly Loss Limit remains static from the Monday Open until the Friday Close of trading. At the end of each trading week, the Weekly Loss Limit is re-calculated on the account balance at 5 pm New York on Friday. On the Monday open, the Weekly Loss Limit is reset according to your new balance. The Weekly Loss Limit stays in play throughout the lifecycle of the trading account.

If you hit or exceed the Weekly Loss Limit, with either realized or unrealized P/L at any time during the trading week, (Monday to Friday) your account will be disabled. Any open trades may not be auto-liquidated; however, you will become ineligible for Funding. To continue with the opportunity for funding, your practical assessment account requires a reset.


Trading Rules

Maximum Aggregate Trade Size no lot size over 1.0

A Stop-Loss order must be attached to every open position or pending order

Your Stop-Loss Orders cannot exceed your available limits

All Open Positions Must Be Closed & Any Pending Orders Cancelled Before 4 pm GMT Friday

You are not permitted to hold positions over the weekend. All positions need to be closed out no later than Friday by the end of the market!


$100,000 Account Profit Share Paid Out Monthly 

Account Balance Trader’s Profit Share
Start $100,000 60%
Scale Up 1 $110,000 70%
Scale Up 2 $120,000 80%